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Who wants to be a Mathonaire?

by Cafe Mathe!

High School Math Department Presents the third Who Wants to be a Mathonaire contest!

The second competition which was held on 25th of February was fulfilled excitement and energetic audience. If you are  not picked, No Worries! Bring your phone and we have surprise prizes for  you!


Cafe Mathe

2245 W Pershing Rd, Chicago,

IL 60609

773-247-8400- Ext #138 Phone




SAT Saturday Preparation: Program for high school students taking SAT.

  • Professional SAT teachers working with students.

  • This program offers tutoring in both SAT math and SAT english.

16 MAR

2nd Annual Mathathon 2020


High Schoolers,


High School Math Department will organize 2nd Annual  Mathathon Competition in the cafeteria. For more detail please click Math News & Events.


Dear High School Students,


Cafe Mathe is open for business on Tuesday’s, and Thursday’s between 3 PM to 4 PM. It is FREE!


Come and Join us for study sessions and peer tutoring with our excellent Math tutors.


We will be going over ALL HIGH SCHOOL MATH SUBJECTS (Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, SAT, Calculus, etc.)


Coffee and Snacks are on us!

April  2

Nonlinear Eqns. and Inequalities for SAT

Mrs. Ovali  will give a talk about nonlinear equations and inequalities for SAT. Some related SAT questions will be solved.

March 28

Basics of Trigonometry for SAT

Dr. Y will give a talk about basics of Trig. for SAT. Some related SAT questions will be solved.

March 21 

Basics of Geometry for SAT

Ms. Tok will give a talk about basics of geometry for SAT. Some related SAT questions will be solved 

Driving Directions

Upon arrival to HSA McKinley Park, there will be a parking lot on the left side of the building. When you enter through the front office, look for room 138.

March 16 

On March 16,  Monday ( Pi Day),  High School Math Department organizes Math Quiz Competition "2nd Annual  Mathathon 2019" for all high schoolers starting at 6th period in the cafeteria. 

31 MAR
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